Introduction & History

Central Computing Incorporated (CCI) is a group of highly qualified and motivated Information Technology Professionals. It is established to provide an IT training, services and products. CCI is passionate to respond to the demand of highly educated IT professional in the DC metro area and to provide knowledge required to fulfill these demands. CCI focuses on customized IT trainings to fulfill industry requirements. CCI offers career-oriented training - by employing applied, real-world, and industry-current programs. CCI prepares students for employment and career advancement in the one hand and fulfills the needs of industry for highly qualified professionals. Trainings offered at CCI range from introductory computer classes to advanced certification courses through quality classroom instruction. At CCI we also provide vairety of both managed and consultancy services.

Training & Certification

CCI provides variety of trainings in information technology, project management and office productivity topics. We focus on customized, career-oriented trainings by employing applied, real-world and industry-current programs. Our comprehensive library contains thousands of videos, lecture notes, references and exam preparation materials. Whether you want to pass certification exams, increase your skills or simply learn new things, we have it all here for you. Come and Join Us!

Are you worried about where to start and where to end? Aren’t you sure about preparing resume, where to post it and where to get a job or how to manage it? Rest assured that our motivated, passionate and dedicated staffs are always there to assist you in all your needs. Our trainers are renowned for their expertise and engaging personalities. Individual trainings are also structured to cover the techniques of preparing a winning resume, list of potential sites where you can search and apply IT jobs and the skills of managing telephonic and face to face interviews. We are here to help you program and achieve your success, and it shows up!


At CCI, we are also passionate about providing invaluable managed and consultancy services that meet the demand of your businesses. Our capabilities cover a wide array of services that include enhancing, re-engineering and re-factoring existing web applications/websites, extend existing web applications to mobile and small devices, process natural language and create custom-built applications. We also embark on managing your information services that include databases, backups, data recovery, storage, security, 24/7/365 monitoring, network management, user management, data management, information systems management and systems management services.

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Central Computing Inc.

8115 Fenton St. Suite 203

Silver Spring MD ,  United States


Phone: +13013381305

CCI is the most popular intructor-led IT training provider. It allows the traditonal delivery of training, optimizing time and reducing costs associated with higher education learning methods. Join CCI ecosystem to extend your IT career.